• Say Hello to a Healthier You

    Sana ~ Healthy | Vita ~ Life

    You have arrived at SanaVita, a holistic health center founded in NYC to raise awareness about colon cleansing and to help people live vibrant, happy, energetic lives.

    Our highly trained practitioners — including colon hydrotherapists, nutritionists, acupuncturists, lymphatic drainage therapists, massage therapists and lifestyle coaches — work closely with each of our clients to devise individualized (and realistic) health regimens. From examining what you eat and drink to paying closer attention to your bowel movements, you will become acutely aware of how your good and bad choices impact your body.

    Scared? Squeamish? That’s why we’re here. Please read more about our services, meet our friendly experts and browse through our healthful products. Whether your health routine needs an overhaul, a cleanse, a detox diet, or just some fine-tuning, we hope you will take the first step and get in touch with us.



    • Go Primal with The SV 14 Day Primal Cleanse
    • Includes Shakes, Digestive Enzymes, and Elimination Diet Guide
    • Deepen Your Cleanse This Weekend with An Ionic Footbath
    • Only $27 with your Colonic or Lymph Session!